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Rosario Talarico

Residential and Commerical Real Estate, Law Practice

Hi, I'm Rosario Talarico. Welcome to my profile!

Rosario Talarico's Bio:

With a deep and abiding respect for his heritage and faith, Rosario Talarico has been a driving force in residential and commercial real estate law in Ottawa, Canada for the last 30 years. He received his law degree from the University of Ottawa, in addition to a BA from Carleton University, and has been practicing law since 1982.


Rosario created and is the senior partner in the Talarico and Schwisberg Law Offices of Ottawa. His tireless leadership and legal acumen has garnered the law offices a reputation for professionalism and quality. This practice has built their reputation on giving the client the best service they can, having extensive knowledge of their practice and going the extra mile to ensure the happiness of their customers. This three-part approach to their law practice has made Talarico and Schwisberg an acknowledged leader in their field.


Rosario's main interest and training is in residential and commercial real estate law. He is an expert on helping the consumer buy and sell homes and real estate. This expertise translates into an extensive knowledge of the practice of commercial and residential real estate law. Clients can expect top-tier service no matter the task.


In addition, Rosario has branched out and gained experience in wills, estates and business practice law. This additional expertise has created opportunities for his law practice to branch out and extend their client list by offering additional services related to his previous customer’s needs. 


Rosario has also developed an extensive business immigration law practice, assisting qualified, high net-worth businesspersons and managers with their immigration to Canada under the Canadian government’s Immigrant Investor Program. Creating a vibrant business base in Ottawa and throughout Canada is one of Rosario’s primary goals. Assisting high net-worth businesses with the establishment of a deeper economic base in Canada can only improve the quality of life and business in his country.


Rosario has been married for 24 years and his wife is an elementary school teacher in Ottawa. They have four children ranging in age from 13 to 23. Actively involved in his community and family has given Rosario a chance to pass along the values he grew up with. 


In addition to work and family, Rosario is involved with a number of organizations that promote his Italo Canadian and Catholic backgrounds. Heritage is important to him, and Rosario's current and past civic activities have been geared to promoting his family beliefs in faith, charity and good will.


Rosario is a member of two civic organizations dedicated to helping communities in Ottawa as well as throughout Canada. Ross has been a member of the Knights of Columbus since 2010. Rosario has also been a member of the Order of Italo Canadian since 1987. Both of these organizations are known for their charitable works.


In the past, Rosario was on the Board of Directors of Villa Marconi Long-Term Care Centre from 1999 to 2005 and President of the board in 2003. The Villa Marconi Centre is dedicated to providing care for senior members of the Italian community in Ottawa.

Rosario Talarico's Experience:

  • Senior Partner at Talarico and Schwisberg Law Offices of Ottawa

Rosario Talarico's Education:

  • University of Ottawa


Rosario Talarico's Interests & Activities:

real estate law, estates law, business practice law, heritage, charity organizations

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